Arrogant Listing Agent Blows A Chance To Sell Listed Home

Posted in Southeast Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on May 20th, 2008

I am a RE/MAX Associate Broker/Attorney selling homes in the North Woodward Area of Oakland County, Southeast Michigan. I am currently working with a very motivated buyer who has already sold his home. Last week, we wrote and submiited an offer on a home that he was interesed in.  The amount offered, net of a needed seller contribution toward the buyer’s closing costs and downpayment, was approximately 88% of the listed price. This was not an offer we expected the seller to sing “I’m In The Money” about but, considering that the home was overpriced, was not a bad faith offer.

The listing agent called me the next day and, in a haughty tone of voice, told me that the seller rejected the offer “outright” and would not be making a counteroffer. I asked Mr. “My Morning Breath Doesn’t Stink” what his seller was looking for and his response was, “sorry, but the ball is in your court.” Politely, I told him that I disagreed with him and that he probably wouldn’t be hearing from me again.

The buyer was furious and rightly so. He had made his best offer and, if he would have increased the amount,  would have had to get a gift from a relative or friend which was something that he did not want to do.

This week, a similar offer was made on another home, his second choice. Except that this time, the listing agent came back with an acceptance and a very appreciative tone. She and her seller must understand that in this market. an offer is an opportunity, to move forward with your plans. Last I checked, the other home was still on the market.

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