Want the Best Price on New Construction? Bring Your Personal Troy Michigan Real Estate Agent

Posted in Troy Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on July 30th, 2009

Even with all the homes up for sale, some people just have to have new construction.  It’s clean, it’s new and nobody else has lived in it.  Understandable, but a word to the wise.  If you go for a newly constructed home, bring your Troy Michigan real estate agent.

Why?  Isn’t there a site agent on hand to help you?  Well, yes… and no.  Here are a few good reasons why a personal agent, or buyer’s agent, is a good idea:

Conflict of Interests

While the builder has an agent on site, that agent is not working in your best interests.  Consider, if the site agent got a better deal for you (which takes money out of the builder’s hands), would they still have a job?  No.  However, your own agent is there to make sure you get a good deal.  End of story.

Being Informed

A builder’s agent doesn’t have to tell you about the negatives of a deal.  They’ll push the positives and even sometimes use high-pressure tactics to get you to sign the contract.  Having your own real estate agent is having a professional you know is on your side.  It’s knowing the drawbacks of the transaction as well as the positives.  Learn more about Lee Morof, an experienced and knowledgeable Troy Michigan real estate agent. 


Agents get around; they go everywhere.  As a result, they tend to gather a lot of professional contacts and information.  If you’re choosing a builder with a bad reputation, your agent might have heard about it.  Your agent will have contacts to good home inspectors to go through the house when it’s finished.  Your agent will know if the builder’s lender is reputable, and if not, your agent will be able to recommend a highly regarded lender to you.  In short, your Troy Michigan real estate agent is a rolodex of home buying and selling resources.

If you’re looking at new construction and need a personal real estate agent, I can help.  Call me today at 248-514-2640 or email me at info@NorthWoodwardHomes.com for more information.

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