Troy Michigan Real Estate: Is There a Home for Sale Your Pet Will Love?

Posted in Troy Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on July 27th, 2009

Some pet owners love their pets like children and, if you’re one of them, when you look for Troy Michigan real estate you’ll be understandably concerned about choosing a home that your pet would be comfortable in.  There are definite ways to make sure you get just that; here are just a few of them:

1.  The features of the home are particularly important.  Before you go shopping for a pet friendly house
make a list of things your pet likes.  Also make a list of things your pet might destroy.  For instance, many cat owners find their pets ripping up the carpet.  A home with wood floors might be ideal.  If you have a dog, it’s probably important to have a fenced yard.  Many things are easy to overlook, but you’ll be sure to consider them if you make a list first.

2.  The home’s layout might be hard on your pet.  If you have an older pet who has a hard time climbing stairs, a one story Troy Michigan real estate home would be easier on your pet than a two-story home.  Low windows or window ledges are perfect for cats, as well as an out of sight place to store a litter box.  In addition, remember your pet’s size.  The larger the animal, the more yard or bigger space you might need.

3.  The Home Owner Association (HOA) may not allow pets, and those that do allow pets usually have pet restrictions.  Before deciding on a home, make sure that the HOA allows your particular pet.  Don’t take it for granted!  You may end up with severe penalties.

4.  County and City code restrictions may also be an issue.  Several cities also have restrictions on the number of pets, the species and the type.  The pit bull ban is a very good example. 

5.  A pet friendly neighborhood is the best place for you and your pet.  Look around the neighborhood and see if the neighbors are walking their dogs or have cats sleeping in windows.  Consider if the way they seem to take care of their pets is similar to yours.  If it isn’t, you might want to find another Troy Michigan real estate home for sale.

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