The Facts About Bloomfield Hills Real Estate Agents

Posted in Bloomfield Hills Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on December 4th, 2008

Many people think that Bloomfield Hills real estate agents have it pretty easy. Once they start investigating, however, they find that being an agent is a difficult and time consuming job.

Real Estate Training
All states, including the District of Columbia, require agents to be licensed which requires hours of training and taking tests.

Depending on the state, you need between forty and ninety hours of specific coursework.

Once the coursework is completed, you have to pass the Michigan state exam on real estate law and practice. Generally, an agent will then have to find a real estate broker to work with.

To become a broker and be able to manage their own brokerage, Bloomfield Hills real estate agents have to gain experience. This means more coursework, as well as a broker’s state exam on real estate law. Only then, can agents work on their own as licensed brokers.

Real estate agents and brokers have to take more courses and another exam approximately one year to eighteen months (depending on the state) after they become licensed, and then every four years. In addition to this, the top real estate agents constantly take courses to stay current on industry rules and regulations and to learn more about specializations such as representing seniors, buyers and sellers.

Nature of the Job Includes:

  1. Research – Agents spend a large amount of time learning about the homes in the neighborhoods in which they specialize.  Once they obtain a property listing, they compare the property with similar types that recently sold to figure out the market price for the property.
  2. Marketing – A large percentage of an agent’s income is spent on marketing.  They have to pay to market their services as well as market the homes they list for sale. 
  3. Negotiating – One of the keys to being a great real estate agent is outstanding negotiating skills.  You must be extraordinarily knowledgeable and talented to successfully negotiate real estate contracts that benefit your clients.  As a licensed real estate broker and real estate lawyer, I’m uniquely qualified to help you find and buy Bloomfield Hills real estate and will help prevent you from making costly mistakes when buying a home.
  4. Overtime – There’s no such thing as being paid overtime as an agent, though most successful agents work well over forty hours a week.  They’re frequently on call for their clients, and working weekends is mandatory.

This is just a small portion of what it takes to be a real estate agent who helps people successfully buy and sell homes. 

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