Southeast Michigan Real Estate – Advantages When Buying Smaller Homes

Posted in Southeast Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on February 12th, 2009

Should you always buy the biggest home that you can afford?  When you’re thinking of purchasing Southeast Michigan real estate you need to decide if you need a larger home that can give you room to entertain and a place for guests to stay.  On the other hand, a larger house will likely have higher property taxes and maintenance costs.  A smaller home may be just what you need to meet your mortgage budget and lifestyle.

Some advantages of buying a smaller home are:

  1. Lower sale price.  A smaller home may have a lower sale price, reducing the amount of the down payment you have to make.  The closing costs you have to pay on a smaller mortgage may also be less.  You may even be able to pay for your new home completely out of the proceeds of the sale of your larger previous home.
  2. More money in your pocket at the end of each month.  A smaller home can save you a lot of money by reducing utility bills, and you’ll save money on your homeowner’s insurance.  
  3. Lower maintenance costs.  Smaller homes usually require you to spend less on maintenance and repairs.  Less square footage can mean fewer places for something to go wrong. 
  4. Keep your free time free.  If you buy a smaller Southeast Michigan home, you could save more than just money, you’ll cut the amount of time that you will spend cleaning and maintaining the home.  It’s possible that you’ll enjoy your free time more too, having fewer household chores taking up your time, and more money available to spend on recreation
  5. You won’t have any room for extended houseguests.  This may be good news or bad news, depending on your personality.  If you like a house full of guests, then you’re likely to have already decided on the larger home.  For the rest of you, it may be a relief not to have the free space to have houseguests. 

You may find the benefits of buying smaller Southeast Michigan real estate far outweigh the implied prestige of owning a larger home.  No matter what size home you prefer, I can help you choose the best home to fit your lifestyle.  Call me at 248-514-2640 or email me at to get started!

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