Oh Christmas Tree – Safety in Your Southeast Michigan Real Estate Home

Posted in Southeast Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on December 11th, 2008

It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time – which means if you own one of the Southeast Michigan real estate homes, it’s time to get a tree.  Whether you get a real tree or an artificial one, it’s also time to think about Christmas tree safety.

There’s a potential fire hazard that comes with real trees, a danger that’s lessened with artificial trees, but artificial trees have their own safety issues.  For instance, those that spin on their bases shouldn’t be left to rotate on their own.  Make sure the motor is turned off whenever you leave the room.

Even though safety precautions are more necessary with real Christmas trees, sometimes you can’t resist the fresh pine smell filling your Southeast Michigan home.  Should you decide to go with a real Christmas tree, here are some safety precautions that should be followed to avoid fire hazards.

  1. Place the tree as far from any heat sources as possible.  While it may seem picturesque to have your tree close to the fireplace, the heat can dry out the tree and make it more susceptible to burning.
  2. Fresh cut the tree.  While you may have cut the tree down before bringing it home, you still need to cut a little bit more off the bottom just before you put it in the Christmas tree stand.   This gives the tree a better ability to absorb the water in the stand, which stops it from drying out.
  3. Don’t let the water run out.  It’s important to stress that your Christmas tree needs to stay moist and green.  To check for dryness, lightly grab the end of a branch and pull on it.  If several needles come off, it’s time to take it down. 
  4. Don’t burn the tree to get rid of it.  A dry tree blaze is hard to control, and pine generates a lot of creosote that can catch fire.  There are safer ways to dispose of your tree including recycling your Christmas tree.  To learn more about safe disposal of your tree, contact your local city or state.

Have fun decorating your Southeast Michigan home for Christmas.  Just remember to be safe as you celebrate the season!

If you have buying Southeast Michigan real estate on your Christmas list, I’d love to help you fulfill your wish.  I can help you find and buy the right home and keep you from making a costly mistake that could cost you thousands. 

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