HOAs: What Do Buyers Need To Know?

Posted in Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on August 11th, 2021

HOAs: What Do Buyers Need To Know?There are many factors that buyers need to consider when they are evaluating a potential property. Sometimes, buyers run across properties that have to deal with something called a Homeowners’ Association, or HOA.

What Do HOAs Do?

An HOA ensures that communities look their best and function well. While HOAs were unusual several decades ago, they are becoming more common. HOAs are typically governed by a board made up of people living in the neighborhood. By ensuring properties look their best, property values could remain high; however, there could also be restrictive covenants in place.

How Much Do HOAs Charge?

HOAs can vary widely from place to place. Fees are usually charged monthly, quarterly, or annually. While some HOA fees might be less than $100, some HOA fees can be a few thousand dollars per year. HOA fees vary significantly depending on the number of people in the community and the amenities in the neighborhood.

HOAs use this money to take care of common areas in the community. For example, HOA fees are usually used to pay landscaping companies to take care of the common areas. HOA fees can also be used to take care of swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses that could be in the neighborhood. If there is security, the HOA fees are used to compensate that as well.

What Restrictions Can An HOA Put In Place?

There are many restrictions an HOA could place on a homeowner; however, these vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Most of these restrictions involve the exterior of the home, as the point of these restrictions is to keep a homeowner from doing something that could adversely impact the home values of other properties. There might be restrictions on the size of trees, certain landscaping work, and patios. Make sure to take a look at these restrictions before buying a home.

HOAs Have Their Benefits And Drawbacks

Like other factors involved in buying a home, HOAs have their benefits and drawbacks. It is critical to work with a lender who understands how to read HOA covenants before making a decision. HOAs can play a significant role in what people can do with their home.

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