Bloomfield Hills Real Estate: Ask Santa to Splurge on Space-Expanding Strategies for Your Home

Posted in Bloomfield Hills Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on December 8th, 2011

During the holidays, Bloomfield Hills real estate homeowners may find it hard to insure their home is put together for impromptu parties and visiting family. With all the extra decorations and presents that appear, there never seems to be enough room to keep your house organized and uncluttered. This year, you might consider asking the big man in red for the gift of orderliness.

Instead of asking Santa for the usual new clothing, sports gear or electronics, maybe you should ask him to splurge on even one of the space-expanding strategies below. It might take a little bit of an investment, but you’ll add value to your Bloomfield Hills real estate. Your home’s interior rooms will appear larger and it will be bought up quickly when the time comes to sell.

  • Build a front porch. Extending your entrance out under eaves will improve curb appeal, add charm and create more of an entry space to place coats, boots and umbrellas — which means they’re not lying around your kitchen.
  • Order a counter-depth fridge. By purchasing a fridge that aligns with your counters, you’ll keep your kitchen looking sleek and avoid running a hip into an appliance that juts out into the walkway.
  • Repurpose an extra too-small bedroom. If there’s a tiny bedroom next to the master, then you might want to consider repurposing it as a walk-in closet or en-suite bathroom. Not only will you have the luxury of more storage, but you’ll also add (especially with another bathroom) value.
  • Take advantage of the attic. Open up a one-story house’s kitchen or give the master bedroom a vaulted ceiling by lifting the existing one into the attic. You can put in recessed lighting, add a top row of cabinets or install a skylight to let in extra light.

You don’t need to ask Santa to bring you an entirely new house, just see if he’ll splurge this holiday season on luxury space expanders that open up and add value to your property.

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