Avoid Tick Bites on Your Southeast Michigan Real Estate

Posted in Southeast Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on July 4th, 2011

So you’ve invited some friends over to show off your Southeast Michigan real estate in Oakland County, and all is going well. The weather is good, the food is delicious, everybody is having a great time and—oh no! Somebody finds a tick!

Unfortunately, ticks are an ugly reality just about everywhere these days. Not only are they utterly creepy blood-suckers, they can also carry some serious diseases you do not want to get. If you’ve ever tried to kill a tick, you know just how tough and gnarly they are. You need to be prepared to deal with ticks. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Treat your pets for ticks. Dogs and cats, being furry and close to the ground, are natural tick magnets. If you don’t treat your pets for ticks, you’re simply inviting ticks into your home, your lap, anywhere your pet goes.  If you apply a product to your pet that kills ticks, your pets then act as little sweepers that collect ticks wherever they go and drastically reduce the tick population in their territory (aka, your Southeast Michigan real estate). Ask your vet about the tick treatment options available.
  • Treat yourself for ticks.  Use insect repellent on your clothing that may come in contact with grass and brush. Repellents that contain DEET or Permethrin are the most effective, but make sure you use them according to the directions because they contain powerful ingredients that can harm your health. Don’t get it in your mouth or eyes, and wash your hands after you apply it.
  • Keep a tick jar handy. This can be any small jar filled with straight vinegar. Empty vitamin jars are good, as they are dark and you won’t have to look at the nasty things. Add a few drops of essential oil to keep the smell pleasant. Any time you find a tick crawling around, toss it in. No running around in a panic trying to find two rocks to crush it with. Just be sure to label the jar and keep the lid on tight.
  • Use duct tape. Yes, it’s duct tape to the rescue! The beauty of this tactic is you don’t even have to touch the little beasts. Just unroll a bit of tape, apply it to the tick and it’s immobilized. Fold the tape over on it and it’s out of sight, out of mind. Perfect.

With these tools at the ready, you can avoid being a hapless victim of ticks. If you’d like to read more handy tips like these to enhance your Southeast Michigan real estate, subscribe to my blog. It’s free!

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