Winning the War on Homes for Sale in Southeast Michigan

Posted in Homes for Sale Southeast Michigan by Michigan Real Estate Expert on October 28th, 2010

It’s a war out there. If you’re still sitting in your robe and slippers, sipping a cup o’ joe while you casually read the Sunday comics – with the absolute knowledge that your house is going to sell – you haven’t been paying attention. The percentage of homes for sale in Southeast Michigan versus qualified potential buyers has made this an extreme buyer’s market.  

It’s time for some tough love, sellers – some straight talk.

If you’re not ready to do more than spruce up your lawn a little, you won’t win the battle. You won’t even win a skirmish. In short, if you’re not doing everything you can (or pushing your agent about him doing everything he can) to get your home taken off the list of homes for sale in Southeast Michigan, you’re not a motivated seller.

Motivated sellers use all the knowledge they can squeeze from their agent. Unless it’s a matter of money (they don’t have any), they don’t argue when the agent mentions things like home staging. They ask, “What are my options?”

Motivated sellers don’t think “negotiation” is a bad word. They consider it common business sense. For example, if a home inspector looks your home over and notices a few issues, offer to fix those issues immediately. If a potential buyer offers you $5,000 less than your listed price, actually think about it. You may not get another buyer anytime soon.

Motivated sellers don’t consider taking photos of the house “a waste of time,” or posting them online as “useless.” They listen to real estate agents (their own or in posts like these) and do what they can to implement what’s been learned.

If you aren’t a motivated seller, why is your home listed? Now isn’t the time to test the waters, because the waters are full of sharks, barracudas and other dangerous things with big teeth. Before you wonder why that house of yours is still one of the homes for sale in Southeast Michigan, think about it. Are you a motivated seller?

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