Valentine’s Day and Homes for Sale in Southeast Michigan – How Much Is Too Much?

Posted in Homes for Sale Southeast Michigan by Michigan Real Estate Expert on February 8th, 2010

Do you have one of the homes for sale in Southeast Michigan?  Not everyone decorates their home for Valentine’s Day, but enough do that it brings to mind the question, “How much decoration is too much when your home is for sale?”

Decorations, although beautiful to you, are a matter of personal taste and style. Since this is a buyer’s market, something as simple as the wrong decorations can push a potential buyer from saying “Yes!” to saying “No.”

Rules for Decorating Homes for Sale in Southeast Michigan
Here are a few tips on decorating for Valentine’s or any other day when you’re trying to sell your home:

  • Choose decorations that are small and unobtrusive. Large decorations put too much emphasis on themselves. When you’re trying to sell your home, these take away from the overall appearance of the interior.
  • Finding buyers is all about allowing them to see themselves living in the home. When choosing your decorations, or deciding to decorate at all, keep this firmly in mind. Ornamentation made of bright colors may be fun, but can also be overwhelming.
  • If you’re ever at a loss on how to decorate or stage a home for sale,  take a trip through furniture stores. Stores that sell furniture often have furniture set up in “living” displays so people can see what the pieces look like together. Look at the displays, take pictures and notes, and then apply the knowledge you gain to make your own home look like a display.

Decorating and staging correctly can make a huge difference on how buyers see homes for sale in Southeast Michigan. The few tips above can help make your home shine.

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