The Five Most Common Traits of Successful Troy Michigan Real Estate Investors

Posted in Troy Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on June 4th, 2009

When it comes to success, it is often seen that those who have it share similar traits. These traits are usually shared by successful people in many different fields. The same is true of successful Troy Michigan real estate investors.

If you want to become a rich real estate investor, consider these traits that most successful people possess

  1. The ability to see possibilities rather than simple realities. The best Troy Michigan real estate investors can look at a rough piece of property, an abused home, or a vacant block of commercial buildings and see the potential within those places instead of the run-down, or empty parcels that actually exist. Being able to visualize the property as it could be, and conceptualize the project vital to success.
  2. Successful individuals in all walks of live tend to have a relentless nature. They will not give up, do not admit defeat, and do not take kindly to losing.
  3. Successful people have a thick skin. They can ignore the naysayers who try to talk them out of moving forward. A thick skin is as important when they are at the top as it is when they are starting out—maybe more so, because once you achieve success everyone is jealous.
  4. Successful people know how to get the best and most accurate information. Many successful people attribute their success to knowing how to surround themselves with the best resources of all types.
  5. Finally, they are married, and stay married. Of course, any successful person can tell you that the quickest way to lose half your stuff is to get divorced, but being married (happily) also provides support and confidence. That is just as true for Troy Michigan real estate investors.

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