Taking A Look At The Top Trends In Bathroom Design

Posted in Real Estate Tips by Michigan Real Estate Expert on August 19th, 2021

Taking A Look At The Top Trends In Bathroom DesignIt is important to make the bathroom a relaxing, peaceful, and stress-free location. Many people view their bathrooms as a sanctuary, and it is important to treat them as such. What are a few popular trends that are taking place in bathroom design? 

Customized Tiles In The Bathroom

Many people enjoy customizing the tiles they use in their bathrooms. These are commonly called affinity tiles, which are concrete tiles with creative scenes and prints on them. They come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles. Many homeowners like to use these types of tiles to create a bold pattern in the bathroom. They are commonly used on the floor, near the bathtub, or in the shower. 

Floating Sinks And Vanities

One popular trend that is taking place is a floating vanity. This is a sink that looks like it is floating above the ground. Instead of having a pillar that connects the sink to the ground, the sink sits on a shelf. Then, the pipe is relatively short, making it difficult to spot. From a standing height, this makes it look like the sink is floating, creating a crisp, clean appearance in the bathroom.

A Natural Theme

Many homeowners are creating natural things in their bathrooms by using botanical wallpaper. The reality is that right now, bold patterns are in. During renovation projects, many homeowners are showcasing their personal styles in their bathrooms. For example, a large botanical print often includes colorful leaves and flowers. This makes it easier for homeowners to make a statement. Then, the flowers and leaves are printed on either a light or dark background, allowing the nature scene to stand out. This creates a relaxing feeling that many people love when they spend time in the bathroom. 

Bring The Styles Together

Finally, homeowners should remember that these options are not mutually exclusive. There are plenty of fusion designs that can bring all of these together. That way, everyone will feel more comfortable while occupying the bathroom. Renovating a bathroom could also be a great way to add more value to the home. 


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