Selling Your Troy Michigan Real Estate? Curb Appeal of the 21st Century and Beyond

Posted in Troy Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on February 22nd, 2010

I can hear you now, “Oh, no! Not another article on curb appeal to sell my Troy Michigan real estate!” To which I reply, “Oh, yes.” One more time around the block, but this time, we’re doing it in style.

The 21st Century Curb
Curb appeal is that thing you do to pretty up the outside of your home. It’s the landscaping, the painting and the checking of the little details. However, many home sellers (and Troy Michigan real estate agents, for that matter), don’t take into account that the curb nowadays isn’t just the view from the front of your house. In the 21st century, the “curb” starts right here on the Net.

Your online Troy Michigan real estate listing has only three seconds – three short moments of time – to catch a potential buyer’s eye and turn them into an interested party. Unfortunately, it’s hard not to be biased or become used to the problems and eyesores your home may have. Because first impressions are so crucial and the housing market is glutted with competition, you have to bring it up a notch to get your home sold.

The Right Perspective
Most real estate agents park across the street, when they’re showing a home. So, to get the same perspective of your home as potential buyers will have, walk to the other side of the street and stand where potential buyers might stand. Go ahead; walk over there.

Once you’re on the other side of the street, turn around and look at the house for a few seconds. Most buyers don’t look for very long, so don’t stare, just glance. Then, as you slowly walk back to the house, keep your focus close, no more than a few feet out. What are you seeing?

  • Yard ornaments
  • Plain façade
  • Obstructed pathway to the door
  • Driveway stains or cracks
  • Yard tools
  • Leaves

These are just a few things that might be detracting from the beautiful home you have to sell. Take one last look around – a long, searching look from the front door – and see if anything stands out. If it does, fix it up!

The Virtual View
Once you think you have your home’s curb appeal perfected, create a video of it for your potential buyers. Take a video camera across the street and start from there. Give your buyers a virtual tour of your home, using your curb appeal to its (and your) best potential. Online IS the new curb – use it!

When you hire me as your Troy Michigan real estate agent, I’ll market your home with plenty of photos, including its curb appeal.  Your listing will appear on key real estate websites giving your home maximum exposure with a 24/7, world-wide virtual open house. 

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Troy Michigan Real Estate for Sale? 6 Tips for Selling Now

Posted in Troy Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on November 26th, 2009

If your Troy Michigan real estate for sale isn’t selling, you’re probably wondering if you’re missing something. Well, here’s a list of things you might not know that could make all the difference:

1. If the location of your Troy Michigan real estate isn’t great, the price and terms are the only thing that will sell it. Make them outstanding!

2. Attractive, competitive terms may help you get a higher price. For instance, if you’re allowing the option of owner financing, and also allow a smaller down payment (say, $20,000 – $30,000), you may be able to sell your house for a higher overall amount.

3. Because of the current high competition, your home has to be in the best condition at a competitive price. Check out the competition, accept that yours might need work, and get to it.

4. You can’t set a limit for home improvement. If your home needs something done to beat the competition and you can do it, do it! You aren’t just spending money; you’re investing in the sale of your home. Although you may not get all your money back, you just might get a quick sale at full value.

5. Staging – you’ve heard of it; tons of agents are talking about it. If you want to get your house sold, either invest in staging services or do your homework and stage the home yourself. It’s all about presentation.  I’ll be happy to send you the FREE book “Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home for Market.” Order yours now!

6. Remember that you are no longer the host/hostess of the house. You are a business person, and your business is getting that house sold. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of a solid business deal.

Putting up your Troy Michigan real estate for sale is a daunting prospect. If it’s been up for a while, it can be an exercise in frustration. However, keep the above points in mind, listen to the experts and put what you learn to work for you.

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Troy Michigan Real Estate for Sale: Are You a Competitive Seller?

Posted in Troy Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on November 23rd, 2009

Do you have a competitive nature? Do you always have to have the last say? Do you always feel you have to win? If you have Troy Michigan real estate for sale, you may have “competed” yourself right out of a buyer. Please, read on to find out how NOT to make this mistake.

Who Calls the Shots?
You’ve probably heard “it’s a buyer’s market” many, many times already. With the number of people who have Troy Michigan real estate for sale, this is something you can’t afford to ignore. This is especially true considering that the longer your house sits on the market the more it depreciates.

A competitive nature is all well and good, but, when dealing with potential buyers, you have to rein it in. Winning, in this case, is not getting the last word, but selling your home. As you enter into negotiations, keep in mind that the end goal is to sell.

Buyers know they have the market. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll try to walk all over you, it does mean that they may try to negotiate:

  • On price
  • On closing date
  • On inspection period
  • On closing costs  
  • On anything

Now, just because they’re trying to negotiate doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified buyers. You may have a very qualified potential buyer trying to negotiate with you.

Warning: at this point, your competitive nature may try to rise up and crush the negotiating potential buyer. Restrain yourself – strenuously if you have to.

While dealing with offers, counter offers and counter-counter offers, ask yourself if you’re being competitive, silly or surprisingly realistic. Are you turning down their offer because it isn’t an exact fit for you? Do you have a legitimate reason for the counter offer, or are you trying to “one-up?” Will a requested change really make that much difference to you?

Although I’m not suggesting that you take the first offer that comes along without looking at it, or that you take an offer that is less than you can afford to take, I am suggesting that you remember there are plenty of people with Troy Michigan real estate for sale. As you look at the offers, keep this in mind. Shut down that competitive nature and remember that the only way you really win is when you sign the papers and hand over the keys.

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4 Tips to Get Rid of Clutter and Prepare Your Troy Michigan Real Estate for Sale

Posted in Troy Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on June 22nd, 2009

Selling a home requires preparation. While there are many things to consider, one of the first things you should do is to ensure that your home makes a great first impression. That’s why it’s important to de-clutter in an effort to prepare your Troy Michigan real estate for sale.

1.  Start with the kitchen
Potential buyers will open drawers and cabinets.  So, be sure to de-clutter your pantry, cupboards and drawers. Throw away trash and unsightly items.  Organize things such as pots, dishes and utensils for a fresh, tidy appearance. 

2.  Organize your closet
We’ve all been there. You have company coming over and the quickest way to clean up is to throw everything in a closet. While this may be okay if you’re having a visit from friends, it’s not okay if you’re preparing your Troy Michigan home for sale. Buyers want to see everything, so don’t forget to organize your closet. Make sure all clothes are folded neatly or on hangers, and if you have carpet, make sure to vacuum.  If your closet is stuffed, remove clothing you rarely wear and either give it away, sell it or neatly store it.

3.  Make bathrooms shine
Nothing’s worse than a dirty bathroom. This is an extreme turn off for buyers. You want your property to have the look of a model home. This means clearing off countertops and removing personal items, in addition to cleaning showers, bathtubs, toilets, floors and mirrors.

4.  Remember the outside
Curb appeal is the first thing buyers see when they visit your property. If buyers view a driveway filled with kid’s toys, unsightly lawn furniture and an un-kept lawn, they may turn away without bothering to go in. Pick up around the outside of your house. Plant a few flowers and keep your lawn trimmed.

These small changes can give the appearance of a well-maintained, clutter-free home. If you want your property to stand out from the competition, follow these easy steps to prepare your Troy Michigan real estate for sale.

Thinking of selling your home?  Staged homes sell faster and for more money.  Order your FREE book, “Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home for Market.”

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Should You Owner Finance Your Troy Michigan Real Estate?

Posted in Troy Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on January 5th, 2009

You’ve decided to sell your Troy Michigan real estate but you want to sell it quickly and for top dollar.  Have you considered providing owner financing, also known as seller financing?

Why Isn’t The Buyer Getting Bank Financing?
Usually a buyer gets bank financing when buying a home.  If the buyer approaches you with a deal that involves you doing the financing, you should ask why!  Maybe the buyer can’t afford a big down payment, and can’t be approved for a loan without it.  Or, they may not be able to get financing at all, due to no credit or poor credit.

In that case, you’ll want to evaluate if you can afford to take the risk of owner financing.  Can you make the monthly mortgage payment in the event they default? If you determine that the deal isn’t too risky, you can finance the home yourself for a greater profit.  But, there are some instances when you won’t be able to owner finance your Troy Michigan real estate home.  

When Can’t I Owner Finance My Home?
You may not know that in order to finance your home yourself, you have to be able to pay off your current mortgage in full prior to making the sale.  If you can’t afford to make the full payment, you won’t be able to owner finance the property.

If you already own the house outright, you’ll be able to finance the property.  You may decide to owner finance part of the sale price at a higher interest rate.  This would be an ideal situation for a buyer who can qualify for a bank loan for most of the sale price, but is unable to be approved for a higher loan amount to get the rest.

After a year of making payments to the bank, the buyer may be able to finance the remaining amount, and then you’ll receive a lump sum for that amount. 

What Else Do I Need to Know?
There are a lot of things to take into consideration before deciding if owner financing is right for you.  Be sure to do your homework and understand there are benefits and risks when you owner finance

It is also wise to consult with a real estate lawyer and a professional real estate agent.  As a licensed real estate broker and lawyer, I’m uniquely qualified to help you make this important decision….and I’ll keep you from making a costly mistake.

Listing your Troy Michigan real estate for sale and offering owner financing can sound like a daunting task.  Let me help you determine if owner financing will benefit you.  Call me now at 248-514-2640 or send me an email at right now!

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