When Inventory Is Low, Sellers Win

Posted in Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on December 2nd, 2021

When Inventory Is Low, Sellers WinThe real estate market has gone through a number of changes during the past few months. When inventory is low, sellers win. They have the ability to pick a buyer, they can make more money, and they can sell a house faster. What are some of the biggest reasons why sellers win when inventory is low? 

The Asking Price Goes Up

One of the biggest reasons why sellers win when inventory is low is that the asking price goes up. When there are more buyers than there are sellers, a seller may have multiple offers on the table. Then, the seller can leverage those offers against each other, driving up the price of the house. This could allow sellers to get thousands of dollars over the asking price for their homes. 

Sellers Maximize The Return

When sellers drive up the asking price of a house, this also increases the equity they have in their homes. When sellers have a mortgage, the monthly payment does not change much over the life of that mortgage; however, when the value of the house rises, this means sellers have more equity in their homes. They can do a lot with this equity. They can sell the house, pocket the extra equity, and either put it toward a new house or deposit it into their retirement account. 

The Seller Can Dictate The Terms

Finally, when inventory is low, sellers have the ability to dictate the terms. For example, a seller might be selling a house that has a wide variety of repairs. When inventory is low, sellers do not necessarily have to do these repairs. They know there are so many people looking for houses that someone will be willing to purchase the house without asking for repairs to be made. Sellers might even ask for cash offers only. This allows the seller to avoid certain closing expenses and walk away with more cash. 

Sellers Win When Inventory Is Low

The real estate market fluctuates over time; however, when inventory is low, sellers win. Because there is less competition on the market, sellers can get multiple offers on the table. This allows them to drive the negotiation, getting as much money as possible for their house. 


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Where Is The Housing Market Going Next?

Posted in Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on June 29th, 2021

Where Is The Housing Market Going Next?There are many people wondering where the housing market is going next. While interest rates might be low, attracting a lot of buyers, there are some potential homeowners who are concerned about the current demand in the housing market. This could be driving up home prices, causing some people to pause. Furthermore, some people might be hesitant to sell because they are worried they might have a hard time finding a new home in the current market.

What do the experts have to say?

Homes Might Start To Sell Faster

As the weather begins to warm up, the traditional moving season is unfolding. A lot of people like to wait until the late spring and early summer to move because they are worried about pulling their kids out of school. Therefore, there is a great chance that homes may sell faster between now and the middle of the summer.

The Impact Of The Pandemic

During the past year, a lot of sellers have been hesitant to list their homes because they were concerned about their personal safety. They wanted to expose themselves to as few people as possible. Now that many people are getting vaccinated, some experts believe that sellers might be more open to selling their homes now. As a result, more inventory could come on the market, helping to deal with the demand.

Competition Could Start To Ease Up With New Home Construction

Another trend that many experts are looking at involves new home construction. During the pandemic, global supply chains were strained, making it hard for construction workers to get the materials they needed to build new homes. Now that many businesses are starting to open up again, it is possible that new home construction could start to catch up with current demand. This might also help to ease competition among buyers, adding to the supply.

The Future Of The Housing Market Is Bright

Regardless, the future of the housing market is bright for buyers and sellers alike. Right now, there are a lot of people who are looking for homes, which is great for sellers. As more inventory arrives on the market, buyers will have more options available as well.

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In The Current Housing Market, Prospective Buyers Must Remain Patient

Posted in Homebuyer Tips by Michigan Real Estate Expert on May 25th, 2021

In The Current Housing Market, Prospective Buyers Must Remain PatientThe housing market has been through many ups and downs during the past 12 months. Now, buyers are facing a unique challenge as they try to find the right house in the perfect seller’s market. Right now, real estate is extremely competitive, as low inventory has continued for several months.

As mortgage rates remain low, more people are looking for homes, increasing the competition. Some people are reluctant to sell because they know they will face the same challenges of trying to find a new home themselves. As a result, the housing market has record-low inventory making it difficult for buyers to find the right house in their budget.

Builders Have Not Constructed As Many New Homes

While a reluctance to sell is one reason why the housing market has become competitive, it is not the only one. There has also been a lack of new homes built during the past decade. From 2000 to 2010, builders constructed more than 12.6 million new homes, creating more inventory for those looking to buy. From 2010 to 2020, only 6.5 million new homes were constructed.

This number is significantly lower than the rate of new household formation, which has continued to go up. The result is an extremely competitive market for anyone looking to purchase a house in the current market. While builders are working hard to keep up with demand, it will take some time for them to catch up.

Buyers Must Remain Patient During This Challenge Time

Because the housing market is so competitive, many buyers find themselves facing bidding wars, where multiple buyers make offers on the same home. This drives up the sale price of the house, increasing property values in the surrounding area. This simply makes it more competitive for those still looking to buy.

Therefore, buyers need to remain patient. Low inventory will not remain at a low forever, and builders continue to construct new homes. It takes between four and eight months to build new homes, and more houses will come on the market as families consider moving in the wake of the pandemic. Patience is the key to finding the right home in the current market.

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