Should You Leave Your Bloomfield Hills Real Estate on the Market After Labor Day?

Posted in Bloomfield Hills Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on August 31st, 2012

Labor Day signals the end of summer, a return to school for the kids, and a welcome three-day weekend for most folks. It can also be a key date for Bloomfield Hills real estate.

If you have your home on the market, you may have heard that if your house hasn’t sold by Labor Day, you should take it off the market. While there is some truth to this persistent myth, the answer (as in many things real estate) is more complicated. Largely, it depends on your circumstances.

Blessed with a home that you would like to sell and the Labor Day weekend, you may be wondering where the summer went and where your perfect buyer is hiding. While in some areas of the country summer is the time for home purchasing, the season extends well beyond the Labor Day cutoff in many areas, particularly in warmer climates. And who hasn’t had a warmer climate this year?

Regardless of the time of year or location, here are three things you can do to help your home sell:

  1. Lower the price: Consider comparable properties in the neighborhood and ask yourself if you have really priced your Bloomfield Hills real estate reasonably relative to the market. Bargains do sell faster.
  2. Have an open house:  A three-day weekend might just be the time to get home buyers who might otherwise be too busy to view your home. If most people in your area leave town for the holidays, plan an open house for the weekend after Labor Day. Reinvigorate your sales approach with a well-advertised open house.
  3. Review home staging:  Maybe there were a few repairs or finishing touches you didn’t get to before putting your house on the market, thinking they wouldn’t matter. A Labor Day yard sale  could remove some of that remaining clutter. Spend some of the long weekend attending to the details and getting your home picture perfect!

If you’re looking for more information on selling your Bloomfield Hills real estate, I can help. Give me a call today at 248-514-2640 or email me at In whatever way you choose to spend the holiday, I wish you a happy and safe Labor Day!

Lee Morof
Associate Broker/Certified Distressed Property Expert/Attorney 
RE/MAX Showcase Homes, Birmingham, Michigan

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