4 New Year’s Resolutions for Royal Oak Michigan Homes for Sale

Posted in Royal Oak Michigan Homes for Sale by Michigan Real Estate Expert on December 28th, 2009

New Years is just around the corner, and for many with Royal Oak Michigan homes for sale, it’s the perfect time to make some resolutions. Let’s be expansive, though, shall we? Don’t say, “I will sell my house by April.” We can be more specific than that. Here’s a short list of resolutions that might help you take that home off the sales shelf:

1. Resolve to look over the competition. Not just one or two of the Royal Oak Michigan homes for sale, but ten or eleven. Look at them with the buyer’s mindset. What selling points do they have? What negative points do they have? Your goal should be to outshine the competition. You can’t do that if you don’t know what the competition is.

2. Resolve to do a little home improvement. These don’t have to be big projects. Your project could be as simple as adding a few bushes for better curb appeal. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or a huge amount of time for the home improvement to count. What you do have to do, however, is make the improvement count. In other words, don’t forget to walk buyers past whatever you’ve decided to do, or tell your real estate agent about it.

3. Resolve to check with your agent about the state of your home. Not when they think it will sell, but what you can do to up the value. Remember, “value” is a relative term. Upping the value for buyers may be as simple as cutting $5,000 off your price.

4. Resolve to be calm if a buyer suggests a lower price than you want. Consider the options fully – don’t just snap his or her nose off. Can you afford to let the house go at the offered price? If you can and still want to say no, think about it… how long did it take to get this potential buyer? Can you afford to wait longer?

If you have one of the Royal Oak Michigan homes for sale, keep in mind that it’s just one of the homes for sale. You have an amazing amount of competition; not just here, but around the nation. Take a chance to do something a little different. Your New Years may turn out to be even happier than you expected!

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