Men vs. Women in the Bloomfield Hills Real Estate Ring

Posted in Bloomfield Hills Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on September 28th, 2009

Bloomfield Hills real estate is one of the biggest purchases anyone will make, whether male or female. And, while it’s been scientifically proven that men and women have different approaches to life, one would think that purchasing a home is pretty much the same across genders. We each have our own concerns and important issues, but they basically all add up to, “This is what I want in my home.”

Therefore, the results of a recent survey caused quite a bit of surprise. The survey pointed out places where inherent differences were clear, as well as places where there weren’t any differences at all. So, when it comes to a match in the Bloomfield Hills real estate boxing ring, who comes out on top?

Who is fastest at making up their minds on a home to buy?
Believe it or not, women grabbed the top mark at 70%. A full 8% more women made up their minds on whether to buy a house the day they walked into it. Of those that needed another visit or two, 32% were men, versus 23% of the women. Although women have a stereotype of being wishy-washy, this stereotype doesn’t hold true in the real estate market.

How close is the extended family?
If you had a choice between living closer to your extended family or closer to your job, which would you choose? According to the survey, 55% of the women would rather be closer to family, while only 37% of the men would.

What about home security? 
When it came to security concerns, men and women both agree. It may be the home of your dreams, but if it’s not safe, it’s “no thank you.” What was the percentage? Women grabbed 64%, while 51% of the men said the same. Security is something we appear to agree on.

How would you use a spare room? 
If you had an extra 12 x 12 room, how would you use it? With men and women both, we’d rather have a spare bedroom (25%), an office or study (15%), or a family room/den (11%).

Conclusion: Couples, if you’re looking to buy Bloomfield Hills real estate, sit down with your partner and lay out the rules. Find that fine line between what you each want, and no fighting, biting, kicking or scratching!

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