Homes for Sale in Southeast Michigan: Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Your Home Online

Posted in Homes for Sale Southeast Michigan by Michigan Real Estate Expert on September 30th, 2010

You have a for sale sign in front of your home for sale in Southeast Michigan. Even though the real estate market is slow, you still see other houses being bought. What’s the matter with yours? Why is your home still sitting on the market? Is it you? Is it your home? Is it your agent? It may just be your online marketing (or lack of it).

Do Upload Photos
The internet is one of most popular places for homebuyers to do their initial shopping.  If your home for sale in Southeast Michigan isn’t online, it needs to be there. If it is online, it needs pictures. If it has pictures, pay attention to the following issues:

  • Dark or grainy pictures
  • Images with closed windows, drapes and/or blinds
  • Photos of rooms with clutter
  • Only one photo, and it’s of the front of the house
  • Images that haven’t been adjusted to look their best online

Finally, ask yourself, if a picture says a thousand words, what are the photos of my home saying? If your pictures don’t look friendly and inviting, and if they don’t make your home look its very best, you might as well take your home off the market.

Do Add Data
Don’t forget to add important information. Think about it. How many other homes are being sold online? What makes yours better/different? In other words, why should a buyer take the time to look at your house in person?

Buyers aren’t mind readers. They can’t look at a picture and see that your home has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  You have to tell them that.  If your house also has a large backyard, walking paths nearby or green home features, by all means, brag about it.

Don’t Restrict Showings
People need to see your home in person before they’ll decide to buy it. Unfortunately, many sellers make the mistake of having restricted showing hours, needing appointments for a showing and not being available when they have a prospective buyer.  Instead…

  • Do use a lockbox, so you don’t have to be there for an agent to show the house.
  • Don’t set restricted hours.  This makes showing the home at the buyer’s convenience difficult, and you definitely want it to be convenient for your potential buyer.

There are several areas where marketing can go bad and become a missed opportunity for selling your home. However, if you make it convenient, show your home at its best and don’t overprice, you’re well on your way to changing “for sale” to “sold.”

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