Bloomfield Hills Real Estate: 6 Qualities to Look for When Buying Vacant Land

Posted in Bloomfield Hills Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on December 1st, 2008

Vacant land is like a blank canvas and the ultimate in the American dream of property ownership. When you purchase Bloomfield Hills real estate, you can build the architectural style of home you wish without the limited design styles of a developer. However, buying vacant land is very different from buying property with a building already on it. There are certain qualities to look for in vacant land.

  1. Buildability. Vacant land comes in many different forms and conditions. Will the property need to be cleared or built up? Is it uneven? Is it on solid rock?  Any work you have to do will cost you more in time and money.
  2. Check the water and sewer codes. Each municipality has its own set of regulations for water and sewer. These regulations even specify what kind of system you need for the property. You need to know if you can hook up to the local sewer and water systems or if you need your own septic system and well.
  3. Zoning. Land parcels are zoned for certain uses and buildings. Before you buy vacant land, check the zoning. If the Bloomfield Hills real estate property isn’t zoned for the type of home you want to build, you’ll need to find out what you need to do to request a zoning change. Sometimes this is a simple procedure; sometimes it is a complicated process.  You may be better off finding another piece of land that is zoned for what you want to build.
  4. Total cost. When you purchase vacant land, you have to take into consideration more than just the purchase price. Unless you plan to use the land for grazing animals, you will probably need to add sewer, water, and electric hook-ups. You will have to pay for this and need to include it in your budget.
  5. Building restrictions. Environmentally protected lands have restrictions as to what you can and cannot build. You may not be able to cut down certain trees or fill in parts of your property that are too low. There may even be limits to what size or style structure you can build on the property.
  6. Location/Accessibility. You have to carefully consider where the vacant land is located before you buy it. Living on a country estate away from the busy city means longer drives to everywhere. Make sure there is an access road so you can easily reach your property.

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