4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Troy Michigan Real Estate

Posted in Troy Michigan Real Estate by Michigan Real Estate Expert on October 30th, 2008

Buying a new home is a big decision. Your home is your greatest financial asset. It is also your refuge from the world and a place where you can relax. You will ideally spend a considerable amount of time in your home, so you want to buy the right one for you and your family. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes when buying Troy Michigan real estate.

  1. Buying a home you cannot afford. If you cannot afford to pay for your home, you risk losing it in a foreclosure. To determine if you can really afford a home, you have to look at more than the asking price. Not only do you need to make your monthly mortgage payment, you also need to pay for your home’s regular maintenance.  
  2. Buying a home without doing your homework. Appearances can be deceiving, especially with homes. What appears to be beautiful stucco exterior can disguise a rotting wood frame. A fresh coat of paint can cover mold and water damage behind a wall. This is why you should always have a home inspected before you buy it.
  3. Buying the first home you see. Sellers do their best to make sure their homes look as appealing as possible. It’s easy to fall in love with just about any Troy, Michigan, home you see. Remind yourself that there are plenty of other homes for sale and make sure you see them all. There’s no point spending your hard earned money when you haven’t seen all the available possibilities.
  4. Buying a home that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. If you spend a considerable amount of time in your backyard entertaining guests and relaxing on weekends, you want a home that gives you the space to do that. Likewise, if you’re rarely home except to sleep, you don’t want to spend your weekends mowing an oversized yard.

Let me help you avoid mistakes when buying Troy Michigan real estate.  As a licensed real estate broker and lawyer, I can help you find and buy the home that is right for you…and save you from making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars.  I’ll help you negotiate your home purchase at the best price and terms.  Click to:  Search for Troy Michigan Real Estate now!

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